My first visit to the new Design Museum shop was for me one of those places where I went in non-purposefully, for a quick browse just before I left the Museum. Normally a quick look, it’s a ritual a lot of us do, as we leave an exhibition or a museum, to see if we can take a little souvenir away with us.

This shop however was different: I couldn’t get myself to leave! Having finally torn myself away, I left with the feeling that I absolutely needed everything in that shop. Who would’ve known that I needed beautiful mini paper vases by Octaevo to put by my work desk, or a ‘Good Night Lamp’ shaped like a cute house to put by my bedside, or a whole new set of cutting edge kitchenware by Stelton to vamp up the kitchen?

Designed by the same architect, John Pawson, who took care of the rest of the museum, the Design Museum shop feels like an extension of the museum in that it is full of fantastic products of design. It’s an inspiring place where you find things you’d always wanted, and other things which you never knew existed, which quickly make it to your ‘must-have’ list.

“The Design Museum shop reflects the values of the museum itself," said Design Museum director Deyan Sudjic. "It's our ambassador on the high street, always changing, always full of fascinating things, displayed with style, and staffed by people who live and breathe design."

It’s such a beautifully curated shop, where all the design savvy goodies stocked up on the shelves attract visitors of all ages. It covers homeware, jewellery, toys and games and stationary to mention a few. They have a high standard of quality it seems, but with a price range that fits all budgets: it’s a great place to find a unique gift for as little as £4! They also provide a good range of books covering topics such as cookery, fashion design and architecture, which we would love to see on our coffee table (which also needs replacing it seems…!)

One of our favorite things which they stock are the Vitra miniatures. Their iconic chairs are on many of our dream purchase list, but these adorable miniatures, made with care to detail, are hard not to love. For more or less a tenth of the original price, it’s a budget alternative!

The fact that it is a stand-alone shop, with its own entrance doors separate to the Design Museum, it speaks for itself as to how much of a demand this shop will have from customers. With entry directly from the busy street it is very accessible for the public. Head to High Street Kensington and prepared to be inspired!