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Nothing beats the beauty of an art garden. We’ve picked the serene and relaxing, engaging and fun, - all sorts of outdoor spaces inviting to explore their cultural aspect.

A unique experience of everything Zen in the serene Japanese countryside

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Explore a traditional Transylvanian village, home to the largest ethnographic museum in Europe

ASTRA National Museum Complex

This park in downtown Seattle is an urban oasis filled with contemporary art

Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park

The garden of art delights in the Australian countryside

Heide III Exterior  Emily Floyd Abstract Labour 2014  John Meade Progeny 2004-05

963 tons of museum that highlight the British maritime history

Cutty Sark

A large sculpture park for hiking and wildlife viewing in a small New York town

Bookshelves of the ancients

When Eastern and Western art meet in the center of America

Denver Civic Center

Exquisite outdoor art in the heart of Chicago

A desert art museum playground

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Museum

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