Chaplin’s World, located between vineyards, Lake Geneva and the peaks of the Swiss Alps, is an entertaining museum designed to immerse visitors in two lives of Charlie Chaplin - the family one and the Hollywoodian one, so you can get to know both the man and the artist. Chaplin “The Tramp” is yours to discover through iconic film scenes in the Studio with recreated sets, where you can wander around, touch and feel everything, discover the moviemaking secrets, and create your own film. Chaplin the man, will unveil himself through memorabilia, photographs and artefacts in Manoir de Ban, his last residence, where he welcomes you as if you were his guest. Interactive and immersive museum is fun for all ages, with a healthy blend of the famous and the intimate, so even if you think you know a lot about Charlie Chaplin, you will have so much fun!