The Sculpture Park on one of The British Isles - Guernsey - was founded in 1998 by Charles Saumarez-Smith, Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London. The main objective was to become a place, where people could go without appointment to enjoy and buy artworks. ArtParks is constantly looking for new artists. Over the years, the Park despatched hundreds of sculptures to collectors all over the world – in the Americas, New Zealand, all over Europe and of course Britain and the Islands – becoming a launching pad for artists and a Mecca for collectors. Every year the new exhibition is opened in mid-May by an artist or celebrity. ArtParks is situated on the grounds of Sausmarez Manor, an ancient woodland surrounding a couple of lakes, and has been lavishly planted with exotic, subtropical and shade loving plants through which the sculpture path meanders. Following the path, you will see more than 100 sculptures on display with another 20 in the formal gardens by the Manor. Sculptures are ranging from Abstract to Minimalist to Realistic to Futuristic to Classical, so you will surely experience a range of emotions and most likely will find something you will love.