Blogging about museums, exhibitions and art is relatively new. However, the blogs that deal with this subject are very organized, rich in content and informative. That is the case with a duo from Germany that has started their blog MusErMeKu featuring the latest cultural and art news.

In their own words, at (, Angelika Schoder and Damián Morán Dauchez report weekly on art and culture news as well as on current debates from the cultural sector. Since 2013, the two museum experts from Hamburg in Germany write about current exhibitions, recommend museums, or present event- and travel-tips. They also run accounts for @musermeku on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Angelika and Damián studied literature, sociology, history and museum design in Germany and Austria. During their studies, they have repeatedly worked their way into a variety of subject areas in the arts and culture sector. They have a great interest in complex contexts and challenging questions. In Hamburg, both are active in the areas of press and public relations, and work as online editors and social media managers.

The goal of Angelika and Damián is to provide a comprehensive overview of various cultural issues on their blog. The name MusErMeKu comes from the combination of the German words museum (Museum), memory (Erinnerung), media (Medien) and culture (Kultur). The blog is not only about museums, exhibitions and events, but also about working conditions in the cultural sector and about digital transformation processes in the field of museums.

We caught up with them and asked them to share with us their tips!